Single Shoulder Support Brace

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    Great Material - Made of Polyester fiber rubber bandage

    High elastic breathable fiber materials for strong support, soothing warmth and comfort to your shoulder

    Ergonomic Design

    Perfect cover your shoulder with gentle compression, helping to increase blood flow and reduce recovery time

    Compression Therapy

    This support provides gentle compression to the shoulder, helping to increase blood flow and reduce recovery time.

    Relieve from over use injuries, rotator cuff,  shoulder dislocation.

    Effective warming shoulder stabilizer for the impingement treatment and prevention of injuries during sports

    Extra-strength Adjustable Strap

    Adjustable elastic single shoulder support, one size fits most.

    It is normal that it may have some pungent odor, please wash before use.

    This Shoulder Support is for Almost any Sports and Athletic Activities.

    Suitable for Sprains,Strains, Dislocation Shoulder and Arthritis Pain.

    Useful where complete support and protection is required

    Ideal for the Healing and Prevention of Sporting Injuries.

    Fits both left and right shoulder.

    Main material: polyester fiber, rubber, bandage

    Specifications: 66 * 20.5cm

    Applicable people: GM

    Color: Black

    Weight: 60g