Dedicating yourself to a consistent workout regimen is key when getting in shape. Unfortunately, sometimes those days come up where you can’t make it to the gym and get a full session in. When you’re short on time, try an at-home workout to get your body moving. There are plenty of ways in which you can exercise without equipment and utilize items that are simply laying around the house.

Let's get started:



  1. The Grasshopper Push-Up:

 Start by lying face down and use your arms to push yourself to the "up" position of the push-up. As you begin to lower your body, maintain your left leg in a straight position as you move it slowly to the outside of your right leg. While pushing yourself back into the "up" position bring your left leg into the normal push up position. Repeat this move with your right leg. Remember: push up, crossover, return to regular position and switch to the other leg. Keep your torso aligned with an imaginary straight line on the floor. Gradually increase the number of reps each time you work out.



  1. The Spiderman Push-Up:

Begin by pushing to the "up" position, just as you would for a traditional push-up. As you lower your body, move your left knee to your left elbow. Angle your left leg to the side to create the "spiderman effect" As you press upwards, return your left leg to the starting position. The key to this variation is isolating each side of your body, working the muscles from the legs to the core and shoulders. Repeat on the opposite side.



  1. The One Arm Push-Up

 This variation of the push up isolated each side of your core muscles. Start with your forearms on the ground, firmly in place. Next, lower your body with both arms on the ground, and on the upwards motion, extend one arm out in front of your body. You may want to do the push up from an elevated table or secured bench as an intermediate version of this difficult exercise



  1. Bench Dips:

 This exercise can be performed on a bench in a park or a chair at home. The best way to get into the correct position is to sit on the edge of a chair with the hands either side of the hips, then simply walk forwards a few inches so the hips are no longer supported. From here the idea is to work the arms by bending at the elbow. Try to keep the elbows tucked backward. To make this exercise harder, straighten the legs so the arms are supporting more of your bodyweight.



  1. Sit-ups

The point here is to not stress your neck, and isolate your core muscles. To start, anchor your legs to a chair or table so that they will not lift up as you do the movement. Bend your knees as close to 90° angle as possible( if you keep your knees closer to the ground, this will not be a full sit-up, but a partial crunch.) Bring your torso towards your knees, keeping the focus on a straight spine and smooth motion. Lower your body slowly and smoothly, and repeat the process. 

By now you should know the routine perform as many as you can for a total of three sets -- resting no more than one to two minutes between sets.


Familiarize yourself with these exercises to complete your at-home workout---no gym equipment needed!